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By popular demand, Shogun Kendogu is proud to release the hand-stitched “Black Label” as a new addition to the Shogun Kendogu Series.

Men – USD$750*

– 1.8 bu futon
– IBB Duralumin men-gane
– #8,000 grade cotton
– Aizome dye
– Cotton uchiwa
– Deer leather trim
– Aizome deer leather men boushi
– Approx. weight of 1480g**

Kote – USD$600*

– 1.8 bu futon
– Reinforced with deer leather
– Fujioka deer skin palms
– #8,000 grade cotton futon
– Aizome dye
– Made in Japan
– Approx. weight of 520g**

Dō – USD$650*

– 50 piece kuroishime dou-dai as standard (other options and colours available)
– Kurozan leather
– Approx. weight of 1500g**

Tare – USD$600*

– 1.8 bu futon
– 7 bars
– #8,000 grade cotton reinforced with deer leather
– Approx. weight of 940g**

*Shipping included for all purchases of bogu. Full customisation of colours and design is possible at the list price, and the Shogun Kendogu 3 year Repair Warranty is also included.

** Weight can change slightly depending on size.


#8000 grade cotton is used throughout this set, and the futon is a special blend of sheep wool and cotton. The unique “koshi” composition within the futon not only facilitates a durable and long lasting shape, but also makes it extremely comfortable to wear. The 1.8bu stitch width of the Black Label combines traditional good looks with excellent protection.

Through our research of hand-made kendo equipment we have found that the 1.8bu stitch is the ideal width to provide protection whilst remaining flexible – and the more it is used, the better the fit.

Genuine Fujioka (aizome) deer leather is used to reinforce the head of the kote, and the same high quality leather is also used for the palms. True of all kote in the Shogun Kendogu Series, our original “Kazutaka Cut” ensures optimal fit and ease of use from the beginning.

The traditional and often desired appearance of a hand-stitched set is captured by the Black Label, and it can be used for any special occasion. Also the flexibility and custom fit found in the wide stitching, that Shogun Kendogu equipment is renowned for, is of course provided in the 1.8bu stitch width.

For those who prefer the hand-stitched look, but still require the flexibility and protection found in every set of the Shogun Kendogu Series, the Black Label is now available with full custom options and the Shogun Kendogu 3 year repair warranty. As a hand-stitched set made to the customer’s exact specifications, please expect up to a 16 week wait from the date of payment until the date of dispatch on items of the Black Label.

Shogun Kendogu

Welcome to Shogun Kendogu – specialising in top quality kendo equipment. Each set in the Shogun Kendogu Series is considered a custom build. Nothing from our kendo bogu line is “off-the-shelf” and every inch of the bogu will be built from scratch. We appreciate that you, as a practitioner of kendo, have a huge amount of choice in on-line bōgu these days. So, as our way of helping to make that choice easier by optimising our product lines and service, we would like to introduce our pledge to you. Here goes: We pledge to our potential and paying customers, that we will endeavour to provide products and services that you can rate 10 out of 10, every time, no matter the size of the order. If there is anything about your experience with Shogun Kendogu (service or product) that you couldn’t rate 10 out of 10, we will do our very best to correct it. We offer a full 3 year repair warranty on all of our bogu items. It even covers wear and tear of your kote!

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