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Yagyu Shinkage Ryu Bokken


Product Description

This traditional bokken is quite thin and light compared to the regular Daito bokken.  There is also only slight sori (curvature).  The Yagyu Shinkage Ryu bokken contains a blunted tip and no tsuba ridge.  Made for finess training, rather than brute strength.

  • Aprox. Weight 16.2 oz/1 lb
  • Aprox. Length 40″/101.5 cm

Nippon Budogu

Yoroshiku (greetings)! Nippon Budogu was created out of the kindness of Mutsuo Kasai, president of California S and P Japanese Martial Art Supply Co. California S and P had been supplying quality equipment to martial artists across the US for some 40 years now. Upon his retirement, Mr. Kasai was generous to offer us, at Nippon Budogu, the opportunity to continue his good work. We vow to continue to offer quality equipment at the most reasonable prices possible. Most goods are coming directly from the manufacturers either in Japan or from factories who sell extensively in Japan. As practicing students and teachers of Japanese Martial Arts continuously since 1968 we feel we have an understanding of the needs of our training community and will do our best to meet your expectations.

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Weight 0.68 kg
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